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Our focus on investor relations infographics means timely creative back to you for approval.

We speak IR

No time-consuming ramp up required. We speak the language of finance and capital markets.

Visual assets that build trust & credibility.

IR infographics act as visual shorthand for busy analysts, investors and a fast-moving financial press.

External Communications


Educate and raise awareness of your offering, while increasing opportunities for media coverage with easy-to-embed visual assets.


Stay in front of stakeholders on a quarterly basis with 10-Q infographics that build brand and increase opportunities for media coverage.


Visualize the value of acquisitions while enhancing corporate communications with employees, shareholders and the Street.

Proxy Statements

Leverage your proxy statement as a branding opportunity while making it easier for busy shareholders to find the information they need.


Keep the investment community engaged in your equity story by visually summarizing MD&A, and other KPIs in an investor-friendly infographic based on your 10-K.

Annual Reports

We can help reduce the length of your annual report with succinct visual representations, and/or create a standalone ‘Dashboard’ infographic.

Infographics for

SEC Filings & Reports

Help shareholders find what they want with clear & concise visuals.

90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text.

– 3M Corporation

What top IROs are saying

‘Our new [infographic] earnings release contains the same details we have provided in the past, but in a simpler layout. The goal is to focus on the numbers that matter to our share owners.’

Seth MartinFinance & Corporate Communications Director

Infographics for

Investors, Analysts & Media

Drive results on the Street with visual content they’ll want to read.

Institutional Investors

Share your ever-evolving story, technologies, and projects with custom infographics designed for investor presentations.


Leave a lasting impact on investors and analysts with dynamic infographics at roadshows and conferences.

IR Website

IR Website Infographics can contextualize your company’s place among peers, visualize governance, and make company history interesting (timeline infographic).


Leverage infographics in analyst meetings to summarize company investment case and attract sell-side coverage.

Shareholder Meetings

Provide an easy-to-access graphical report to shareholders as well as a useful tool for those unable to attend.

Financial Press

Open new media relationships (or maintain existing ones) with lightweight, easy-to-embed infographics that differentiate your ongoing equity story.

Researchers found that colored visuals increase people’s willingness to read a document by 80%.

– Xerox Corporation

We turn your data into useful visual assets…

(GE examples)

Relative Performance Infographic

Relative Performance

Shareholder Activity Infographic

Shareholder Activity

Stock Price Driver Infographic

Stock Price Drivers

Earnings Review Infographic

Earnings Report

Internal Communications

Investor Perception Audits

We can turn investor perception research into visually compelling infographics to build consensus and understanding.

Sr Management & Board Presentations

Infographics go beyond Powerpoint graphs and add value to IR reports while making a positive impression with senior management.

KPI & Benchmark Reports

Improve internal communications and decision making with infographics that help management think in new ways about corporate performance.

Company Announcements

Improve corporate transparency and influence how employees and stakeholders view the Investor Relations function.

Infographics for

Internal Reports & Presentations

Grow your influence with senior management by turning IR insights into compelling visuals.

We don’t merely translate your data into visual icons.

We help you think strategically
about the equity story you are telling.

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