Highlight #s

Draw attention to the key performance metrics that drive shareholder value in your company.

Simplify Data

Present data in an eye-catching, easily digestible and memorable format.

Shape Dialogue

Help stakeholders understand your company and it’s performance so that your investment case is current, clear and firmly understood.

3 ways IR Infographics deliver results:

Raise Company Profile

Attract Capital

Help Achieve Fair Valuation & Liquidity

#1 – Raise Company Profile

  • Differentiate

    As of 2016, just 27% of IR teams utilize infographics. That equates to a credible, yet underutilized IR asset that can help your equity story – rise above the noise of the Street.

  • Increase Credibility

    Investor relations infographics build corporate & management credibility through clutter-free design and concise visual communications.

  • Drive Interest

    IR infographics are powerful relationship cultivating tools with both retail and institutional investors, analysts, and the media.

Walmart differentiates it’s reporting and builds interest with eye catching infographic earnings releases.

The secret of getting your message across to fund managers is to keep it simple.

– Andy Brough, Co-Head of Pan-European Small & Mid Cap Team, Schroders

#2 – Attract Capital

This succinct approach tells Walmart’s equity story in easy to understand visuals for broad audiences.

  • Win Attention

    IR infographics can command the attention of busy fund managers,
    while adding value to key long-term relationships.

  • Shorten Cycles

    Infographics can also help shorten investor decision-making timeframes
    through a visually concise equity story.

In this age of information overload, visual earnings releases help investors usher in a new era of understanding data.

– Edelman Report

#3 – Help Achieve Fair Valuation & Liquidity

  • Awareness = Liquidity

    By leveraging IR infographic content on a consistent basis, your company will stay top of mind amidst the tsunami of financial information from the Street.

  • Broad Reach

    The broad reach of the infographic medium can assist you in attracting new pools of buyers and sellers to meet liquidity goals.

  • Manage Expectations

    IR infographics can help you manage expectations in relation to your company’s current and future performance. Which is reflected in fair share price.

Walmart’s IR infographics ensure that key performance metrics cut through the clutter of the Street.

63 percent of people who use infographics for IR communications find them very or extremely useful.

– IR Magazine Multimedia Research Report

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